10 Tips To Keep Your Writing Fresh And Original

The digital world is ruled by good content. The need for creating fresh and interesting ideas that entertain and educate is one of the biggest challenges faced by content marketers around the globe.

While there is no miracle formula that can help create winning campaigns and brilliant writing, here are some tips that can help you to keep your writing fresh.

1. Keep reading

As many of the writers would agree- the trick to good writing is being well read. Keeping an eye out for different styles of writing, varied opinions and topics is key to discovering fresh and engaging things to write about. This especially means not getting stuck in the rut of ‘just’ reading about the content marketing industry. Instead, read everything- from fun to strategy, entertainment to theories. You never know where you could find a winning idea.

2. Build different perspectives

Most of our understanding depends on our perception of what is written. It is because of this reason that we tend to lean to a certain style of writing or a particular school of thought. But good writing is all about mixing it up and being open to different ways of thinking. Understanding the need to look at issues from different angles and for building varied perspectives lies at the heart of being a good writer.

3. Be disruptive

It’s not always recommended to follow the norm. While the ‘right’ way or the preferred way to analyse a trend might be the safe route to follow, when you look at it from a completely new angle- you might just strike genius. Disruption is a preferred method of hitting creative genius for many advertisers and can also help writers come up with fresh and new perspectives.

4. Have an opinion

While it works to build different perspectives and points of view on an issue- it is also important to have an opinion on a topic. Choosing a safe and insipid style of writing is not inspirational- not for the writer and definitely not for the reader. If someone has taken time to read what you've written, they’re looking for something concrete and it’s best you give them that so that they keep coming back to you in the future.

5. Deal with Writer’s block

There is no denying the existence of writers block. At some point of time in your writing career, or even in the span of your writing week- you will face it. The way out is not sticking on and delivering an average article that will go unnoticed. Rather, recognize that you’ve hit a roadblock and do something completely different. Read a book, take a walk or do something that energizes you and come back to your article. You will find that you now have renewed vigor and some brilliant new insights.

6. Look for inspiration

There is a difference between being inspired and plain simple plagiarism. Understand this difference and work towards being inspired. There are a lot of great campaigns and deeply engaging writing that exists out there. Thanks to the internet most of this is easily accessible nowadays. Use this to your advantage to build favorites and seek inspiration. It will especially help on those dull days when you feel like you've hit rock bottom.

7. Be diverse

While it is good to have a style of writing that eventually becomes your signature style, this is not to be confused with getting stuck in a silo. Often enough there is a particular type of writing that you get comfortable with, but the true test of good writing comes when you are able to mix it up with different styles. Reading different kinds of writing will help you develop such skills yourself.

8. Take risks

Original writing is never safe. It pushes boundaries and looks at the same things, differently. Think about it yourself- the articles and books you remember aren’t the ones that looked like everything else, they were the ones that stood out and challenged you to think. Bring that element into your writing and be open to take risks. Being unexpected in your writing albeit in an acceptable way, will always be appreciated.

9. Have a content role-model

If you’ve been doing a lot of reading up on content marketing around the globe, chances are that you would have seen some names pop up quite often. Call them thought leaders or content philosophers- these are the people who make people in the content marketing world, sit up and take notice. Probably you even aspire to be like one of them someday. Find the person that fits closest to your style of writing and follow their writing on a regular basis.

10. Monotony is the plague

Success in most jobs depends on how easy you get at them over a period of time. Writing is not such a job. If you feel that monotony is setting in or if things are getting too easy, be assured that it isn't a good sign. Being able to be fresh and creative largely depends on looking at things differently. If you can’t distinguish one article from the other- chances are monotony has set in. Realize the pattern and break out of the rut. Find newer things to write about or don’t write anything for a while. If you feel that you've got your 'mojo' back, get clacking on that keyboard again. If not, decide whether it’s good to stay or if you should be heading out to find your next challenge.