The 5 kinds of content marketers out there. Which one are you?

If you’re a marketing professional who started their marketing career within the last five years, chances are you've heard quite a bit about Content Marketing.

But does this mean that there is only one kind of content guy out there? Here we present to you the different kinds of content marketers that fill the world (and hopefully all screens). Check out our list below and let us know which one you are in the comments below or if we have missed out on your category. We will do our best to write a few lines about your kind too in our next update!

1. The Philosopher

If Socrates had us wondering about the metaphysical and deeper questions that define life, this guy is definitely his content marketing version. Did you really think that great content marketing was about working your butt off on a great idea? Far from it. Just read the ‘10 fabulous tips to be a content marketing genius’ or ‘ This is what you’re doing wrong’ by the content marketing philosopher. Makes you wonder why there aren’t so many of those ‘great’ content campaigns when there’s such a wealth of information on how to get there! But hey, it’s not all bad. Philosophy is a great thing, if only someone included a bit on how to actually get all that stuff done.

2. The Infographic Junkie

Everything that is good about the world comes from good design. These guys believe that any average article can be made fabulous with a touch of design and content is handicapped without art. They are constantly on the look out for opportunities to add one element of design and turn almost anything into its graphic version. Who cares if we’re talking about the 140 page data report- I’m pretty sure it can be condensed into a catchy infographic.

3. The Funny Guy

Who wants to read boring information about making stellar campaigns? Umm..No one. All articles must be funny. That’s the only criterion for success according to this guy. He looks for opportunities to add a little joke or gif into every piece of communication he creates. It makes no difference whether the article to be written is an entertainment piece or an abstract of the annual report. Humour must be associated with any kind of writing. Did anyone say we could use a meme?

4. The Number Cruncher

This guy owns the numbers. Ask him about the percentage of people using social media in the Bahamas and he’ll know the answer. All articles must be driven by the power of numbers and statistically supported authenticity is the mantra that he swears by. Numbers will magically find their way into all his articles and he wouldn’t trust the ones that didn’t have them. Hmm.. maybe we could reach more people if we knew the number of internet users that read articles while working rather than listening to music. That's definitely a good statistic to have.

5. The Brand Loyalist

He loves campaigns and he knows a thing or two about all of them! Ask him about any campaign in the history of content and he'll know it. But that's not just it, he’s analyzed them and built his favorites over time. Any article written by him will have a mention of that ‘oh so cool brand’ that has covered every trick in the content marketers handbook. He could always be on the look out for new and interesting campaigns but his heart will always belong to that one brand that rules the world of content! Did anyone say they want to grab a Coke?


So, there you have it. A round-up of the top kinds of content marketers out there. We’re sure we didn’t manage to get all of them in ‘coz God knows there are more than a few! No matter which kind you turn out to be, don’t fret. There’s space for all kinds of content out there – a little philosophy, lots of humour, eye-catching infographics, killer brand  campaigns and those crazy numbers to add that touch of authenticity! To those of you that didn’t figure in this list – that’s the best part. Great content is all about coming up with fun new ideas that haven’t been done yet. You may just be that lucky kind!