Lego : A Content Universe That’s Fueled By Creativity

It’s a challenge to build content that is engaging enough to keep the viewer glued to their screens, asking for more.

But what do you do when the main characteristic of your audience is an inability to stay still and a mind that’s capable of conjuring up a zillion thoughts and questions at any given point of time?

Suddenly creating content for your global food chain or your high end computers doesn’t seem like a very tough job does it? How does a brand that needs to create content for the imaginative and active minds of children take up the challenge? We have just one thing to say to you- welcome to the world of Lego.

A belief in the power of imagination and a focus on using varied channels of creativity lies at the heart of the Lego brand. It regularly creates content that is not only appealing to children, but also ensures that adults buy into the whole franchise. So whether it is about creating an alternate online world filled with their fictional characters to even a whole movie inspired by them, they do it all.

Encouraging creativity- The Lego Club magazine

Back in 1987, when the marketing world was still relying heavily on advertising and traditional print media, Lego discovered the magic that content marketing could bring to their brand. The Lego Club magazine, known back then as Brick Kicks, is one of the first examples of content marketing.

A book that gives life to the myriad creatures that make up the Lego family, this magazine covered every form of content that you could to keep a kid entertained. Right from quizzes and fun games to even educational content, it aims to entertain just as much as it aims to educate.

An alternate universe of fun- Lego Microsites

It’s tough not to get pulled into the alternate world that Lego creates for you with their online microsites. Sites like the Lego Star Wars page are popular among children and adults alike. With a range of games, products, apps and downloads relating to the product, you end up wondering how easy it is to get pulled into their world, no matter how old you get!

Networking, Lego Style- My Lego network

The Lego social network is designed to encourage children to share their interests and creativity with others like them. It takes into account the role of an adult to facilitate their online activities, but for the most part it’s just a fun online environment where children can share, learn and build interesting things together.

A whole new world- Lego Land

What the LegoLand parks give you is an immersive experience that goes beyond anything you could imagine. While you can’t really call it content in the literal sense, when you take it in collaboration with all the other media that they involve in making the Lego brand come alive, this is another feather in their cap. Right from rides and 3D experiences to discovery centres that are designed to keep charged up children running on an energy high and parents begging for the ride back!

The Lego movie!

What could be a bigger marketing platform that a full fledged feature film that’s centered around your product? Well that’s exactly what Lego got with ‘The Lego Movie’ that released in the year 2014. With characters that were representative of the Lego world in both look and feel as well as a storyline that was true to the Lego brand of entertainment that combines fun with a relevant message, the movie was a roaring success among the audience as well as the critics.