5 Content Strategists You Would Love To Have Dinner With

You've heard of content being the most important ingredient in your marketing concoction. And then you’ve heard of and witnessed content deluge.

There are countless posts written each day about cracking the killer formula that guarantees virality. And then there are a few who have managed to find the elusive elixir that makes for potfulls of content ‘gold’.

Yes, they found the end of the rainbow!

Here, we bring you five of the best content strategists who have had us hooked on to our laptops, tablets, mobile phones with every new post. What makes them special?

We’ll tell you in just a bit.

5 Content Strategists You Would Love To Have Dinner With_venchito tampon


A content wizard who loves and lives the power of social. If you’ve been researching on how to get better at SEO, you have definitely come across one of his articles. He also runs his own link building and blogging company in Manila which boasts of many local and international clients.

Here’s one of his insightful posts on SEO that can get you started on your own link building strategy right away.


5 Content Strategists You Would Love To Have Dinner With_adam connell


With an entire library of content that covers every nuance of blogging that you would need, Adam Connell is one of the best in the business. His site – The Blogging Wizard – is dedicated to making you a blogging superhero.

If you’re looking for tips, strategies and just how to be a super-blogger, check out his site here.


5 Content Strategists You Would Love To Have Dinner With_jon


This guy is inspirational. Most of the times you end up reading a post because you’re looking to find some golden nugget that’s going to skyrocket your humble content into the blogosphere. But Jon takes it one step further. You love reading his blog not just because of the blogging wisdom it’s filled with (oh yes, we need that) but also because he’s funny, his writing is personal and makes you feel engaged. Let’s face it. If you’ve gone through an entire article without skimming words and feeling both enlightened and entertained by the end of it, that’s a win right there. And that’s what he inspires you to do for your audience.

Check out more about him and his blog here.


5 Content Strategists You Would Love To Have Dinner With_dave


Smart Insights shows you the whole nine yards about building a stellar digital marketing plan. This site isn’t just about how to write better or how to do better SEO. Dave uses his site to offer digital marketing knowledge to marketers around the globe and showing them how to be better on digital.

Also a published author, he’s been writing about digital marketing right from the time it started to become a ‘thing’.

If you’re looking for more in-depth knowledge about digital marketing and want to know where to start, this will set you up all right.


5 Content Strategists You Would Love To Have Dinner With_harsh agrawal


One of the best things that can happen is finding a passion and being good enough at it to make it a profession. That’s exactly what Harsh Agrawal from Shout Me Loud did when he set out on his blogging journey. In just over 6 years, his site has managed to make a serious dent in the world of blogging, offering tips, tools, strategies and other ‘know-how’ about how to take blogging to the next level and laugh your way to the bank.

Yeah, that works! Here’s where you can get your hands on some of that magical stuff.


So there you go. Five rockstar content strategists who make it easier to believe that you too can become a digital marketing maverick soon. The one thing that’s common between all of them is a passion for writing. Beyond that, though lies a love for sharing the knowledge that they have built over the years and that’s what makes all the difference.

Let’s hope you’re leaving this page a tad bit more inspired. We were.