4 Ways to Engage Your Audience Better With Twitter’s Group DM

Twitter's Group DM Chat feature that allows users to have a group chat with up to 20 people at a time. That sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? But here’s where it gets interesting.

A user initiating a group chat with his followers using Twitter’s Group DM, makes it possible for those users to add more people to the conversation. Soon, you’re not just talking to your group, you could be talking to someone entirely new. And in case you’re wary of the lurking stalker, users who have been blocked by anyone participating in the group message can’t be invited to join.

So, what does this mean for the 232 million users on Twitter? Further more, what does it spell for the countless brands on Twitter?

Suddenly a simple feature like this allows Twitter to have a whole new dimension that it previously lacked. It allows brands to have unique, engaging, personal conversations with their audience “in a group”, closing the loop by offering them a personal-yet-social experience through Twitter’s Group DM.

Here’s our take on how you can make the most of this feature and use it to really get to your audience.

Absolute Exclusivity 

Think about it- you want to make a group of people feel really special and engage in a conversation with them. And you want to do it real-time. What better platform to do that, than Twitter? Run a contest, choose your top followers and invite them to an exclusive chat with your brand ambassador or a trending celebrity! It can’t get any better than that.

Spark off a discussion 

Build some buzz around a topic by inviting two people into a conversation. Better still, invite two celebrities who have something to say that people would want to sit up and take note of. Add your top influencers and broadcasters to this group and soon enough, you’ve got everyone talking. And it’s still exclusive!

High Engagement

When you’re having a conversation with a select group, you’re really engaging with them. How about identifying the top influencers in your list and giving them the chance to have an exclusive conversation with you just before you launch your new e-book? Not only does it give you a chance to launch your book to an exclusive, influential list of people- it even gives you the chance to get them to talk about you. 

Reach new people

You know who your top followers are. But now, you’re looking to build further into their networks. How about handing them the baton? Start a conversation with them and let them invite others who could add value to the conversation.


It’s too soon to actually judge how great this feature is going to turn out to be for brands out there. Adidas has already hopped on to the trend. We’re sure there are a lot more ways you can make the Twitter’s Group DM work for you and your brand. Do you think have an idea that’s wacky and out of the blue? Let us know in the comments!