27 Copywriting Hacks Every Content Marketer Should Know

Content marketing is all about creating the right content to reach your audience.

While the second part is a consequence of doing SEO right, the first one is clearly dependent on how you write. In this post we bring you the topmost copywriting hacks that will help you get better at ‘creating great content.’

1. Know who you are writing for. David Ogilvy put this in the right context when he said, “Do not … address your readers as though they were gathered together in a stadium.”

2. Keep it short. A study by Medium shows that the ideal length for a blogpost is 7 minutes, 1600 words. An ideal tweet would be 100 characters and a Facebook post- under 40 characters.

3. Try to instill an emotion.

4. Be original- have opinions, take sides and defend your argument.

5. There’s enough content out there that’s meant to ‘shock, inspire and amaze you.’ Make people laugh.

6. Cut out unnecessary jargon.

7. A tweet sounds very different from a post on LinkedIn. But it doesn’t mean that serious platforms need you to sound boring. Understand your audience and how they speak, and choose the best way to say what you want to say.

8. Talk in the kind of language and tone that your target audience uses. You’re writing for them.

9. The right keywords are what lead to SEO magic.

10. There is no such thing as ‘too much research’. Look everywhere and choose what works for you.

11. If you’re looking to engage with your audience, use your content pieces as a starting point for it.

12. Develop a personality in the way you write. Make sure, you have an identity and a personality that distinguishes you from ‘just another page’.

13. Simplify content.

14. Even the most boring topic can be made interesting by making it a story.

15. Strive for relevance. It builds credibility in your writing.

16. Have short punchy headlines.

17. Try to be visual wherever possible.

18. Respect other writers and their work.

19. Take breaks in between and come back to your writing. Writer’s block is real.

20. Ask others for feedback and incorporate their suggestions.

21. Make it more about ‘the reader’ and what they can get from your content.

22. Data is golden.

23. Make it more relatable using ample case studies wherever relevant.

24. Summarize your points.

25. Include an opt-in for readers who are interested in getting more such content.

26. If you’re looking for a specific response, don’t hesitate from using language that denotes just that.

27. Don’t use unnecessary fillers. Have as much content as needed without trying to reach a specific word limit or number of tips. 27 copywriting tips work just fine.


Do you have any other golden tips that have helped you write better? Drop us a comment and we’ll add it here!